Sculptra is yet another form of unique injectable, which Dr. Rapaport has many years of experience using in New York. Its use began for increasing volume in the faces of HIV positive patients whose treatments caused very significant facial wasting. Sculptra literally gave many of these patients their lives back. Sculptra consists of microscopic particles which are dissolved in water and injected under the skin. These microscopic particles are essentially micro-irritants, to which to body reacts by forming new collagen, and this creates volume and thickening of the tissues. Sculptra can often serve as an excellent foundation, particularly in the midface.

When Do I See Results After My Sculptra Treatment?

Sculptra’s effect is not immediate, but rather takes about a month before tissue growth begins, and this continues for 4-6 months. The enhancement lasts for around 2 years, or even more.

How Can I Prepare for a Sculptra Treatment?

Even though no allergy testing is needed, before having any Sculptra injections, patients should avoid using aspirin products, Vitamin E supplements and other medications that can thin the blood and may increase bruising.


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