Radiesse is a calcium based of injectable filler. Calcium hydroxylapatite is biodegradable and is safely absorbed by the body over time. This filler can be used in many of the same areas of the face as HA fillers to correct age related volume loss, enhance specific areas, and reduce facial wrinkles. Its unique characteristics make it a go to product for rejuvenation of the back of the hands, where volume loss is very apparent as part of the aging process on many people. Dr. Rapaport will provide you with his recommendation of which type of filler would be best for each individual patient.  Dr. Rapaport, a board certified plastic surgeon with offices in New York City, is very experienced using Radiesse for hand rejuvenation.

Dr. Rapaport also uses Radiesse in many areas of the face including:

  • Restore lost volume in the cheeks/midface and other areas of the face

  • Restore lost volume in the temples
  • Make the jowls appear less pronounced
  • Smooth wrinkles and folds
  • Droopy mouth corners
  • Nasolabial folds (folds around the nose)
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty (make the nose appear more narrow or more straight)
  • Non-surgical chin augmentation

How Can I Prepare for a Treatment?

Even though no allergy testing is needed, before having any Radiesse injections, patients should avoid using aspirin products, Vitamin E supplements and other medications that can thin the blood and may increase bruising.


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