New York City plastic surgeon, Dr. David Rapaport, is now offering the FDA approved “gummy bear” silicone implants at his Fifth Avenue practice. The new “gummy bear” silicone implant is said to give women a better shape for a longer period of time. With the new implants there is less chance of breast implant rupture, less chance of rippling, which patients can see with saline and sometimes silicone. The “gummy bear” silicone implants are said to look and feel more natural and are likely to maintain their shape over time. The implants got their nickname because the liquid inside has the consistency of a “gummy bear”.

The negative drawback of gummy bear implants is that although they have an exceedingly low risk of contracture, they are uniformly much stiffer than smooth round silicone implants, and they also do not move as naturally as smooth round silicone implants will do. Gummy bear implants, because they are shaped, can also rotate in the body, and this has been found to be more frequent than previously suspected. It is for these reasons that Dr. Rapaport still prefers the smooth round silicone implant in the majority of his patients.

With a multitude of choices in breast implants today, it can be difficult to know which implant is the best choice. Dr. Rapaport believes in an individualized approach based on each patient’s anatomy. While “gummy bear” implants are the current craze, other types of silicone implants are still available, as well as saline implants. Dr. Rapaport will recommend the kind, size, and shape of the implant that he feels is best suited for the patient’s particular needs. Dr. Rapaport offers both saline and silicone options at his NYC practice. Patients will have a private consultation with Dr. Rapaport prior to the breast augmentation to weigh their options and choose the best implant for their needs. While the “gummy bear” implants are becoming a popular choice for many patients, it is good to know other choices are still available.

Learn more about the “gummy bear” implants and all of the breast augmentation options by scheduling a consultation for breast augmentation at Dr. David P. Rapaport’s office in Manhattan on Fifth Avenue.

For more information, visit the ASPS website on Breast Augmentation.

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If you have questions about breast augmentation surgery, or would like to schedule a consultation with the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, please phone David P. Rapaport’s Manhattan, New York Plastic Surgery office at 212.249.9955 or email the NYC Plastic Surgeon at
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